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{Mei 14, 2010}   Air Mata

Terkadang AIR MATA bisa menjadi lebih spesial dari pada SENYUMAN
SENYUMAN bisa di berikan ke siapapun…
Tapi AIR MATA, hanya di berikan pada orang yang kita SAYANGI….


{Mei 14, 2010}   Life

9 hal yang penting dalam hidup :

1. Belajar Memberi
2. Belajar Menghargai
3. Belajar Menerima Kebahagian
4. Belajar Menerima Kesedihan
5. Belajar Saling Berbagi
6. Belajar Memaafkan
7. Belajar Mempercayai
8. Belajar Mencintai
9. Belajar Mengucapkan I LOVE YOU

{Februari 27, 2010}   Puding Strowberry

Bahan :

1 (7gr) bungkus agar-agar putih

400 ml susu tawar cair rendah lemak

150 ml santan cair

150 gr gula pasir

100 g stroberi, potong-potong

1 sdt pasta stroberi/pewarna merah

Cara Membuat :

1. Campur bubuk agar dalam susu tawar cair dan santan, aduk rata. Rebus, hingga mendidih. Tambahkan gula dan vanilla pasta, aduk rata. Didihkan kembali. Angkat.

2. Bagi adonan menjadi dua bagian. Tambahkan pasta stroberi pada salah satu bagian dan biarkan putih pada bagian lainnya.

3. Siapkan gelas saji atau cetakkan pudding. Beri beberapa potong stroberi, tuang adonan merah hingga separuh lebih dari tinggi gelas/cetakkan. Dinginkan hingga mengeras.

4. Tuang adonan putih hingga gelas penuh, dinginkan kembali. Sajikkan dingin.

Untuk 7 Porsi

CALIFORNIA-band Avenged Sevenfold Drummer from the United States (U.S.), James Owen Sullivan was found dead at his home in Southern California area.

Reporting from abcnews, Tuesday (29/12/2009), the departure of Sullivan who had the stage name The Rev is as expected due to natural causes.

Local police also said that if the death of a man who is also a backup vocalist 28-year-old is under investigation. Actually, now it metalcore band are working on their fifth album.

The management of any band in a statement, local time Monday to express their sorrow and consider Sullivan is “one of the best drummers in the world,” and “our friends and brothers.”

For information, Avenged Sevenfold was formed in Huntington Beach in 1999 and won Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2006. They consist of M Shadow (vocals), Synyster Gates (lead guitar), Zacky Vingeance (guitar), Johnny Christ (bass), and The Reverend (drums).

Avenged Sevenfold have kicked themselves with their performance in Indonesia twice, one on October 23, 2008. They also have spawned the album Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (2002), Waking The Fallen (2003), City of Evil (2005), Avenged Sevenfold (2007), and Live In The LBC & Diamonds in the Rough. (uky)

Men 77 Years Successful Operation Blessing So Transgender Women

New Jersey, a man decided to become a woman at the age of 77 years already. Richard Ramsey, now renamed Renee Ramsey is the oldest person in the world transgender surgery. ‘Eventually I became a woman too’ is the first word that came out after the operation.

In June, Richard Ramsey conduct operations at Lower Bucks Hospital, Bristol Township. Finish the operation, its name was changed to Renee Ramsey. Now, ramsey be a tall woman, thin, and wearing a sweater worn by his wife.

Ramsey had decided to become a woman at the age of 77 years for several reasons. First, at age 20 to 30 of the year, he was not aware of irregularities in her. Second, at the age of 40 years, he realized but still in doubt about his identity.

Third, when age 50 to 60 of the year, he was absolutely sure that he wanted to be a woman, but could not do surgery because it still has a wife. And finally when his wife dies, there is no reason that could keep him to really become a woman.

“Actually, my desire to become a woman so long ago,” said Ramsey who is a veteran of over 20 years, as quoted by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wednesday (12/11/2009).

“Now the hardest thing I have to do is learn to be a woman. If I am angry, I should be angry as a woman. But now I feel more happy and calm. I am also more happy that the lady was called by everyone,” said Ramsey.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, estimated there are about 700,000 people in America who do transgender surgery. The number could not be ascertained as well as many people out there who kept his identity.

Meanwhile, the American Psychological Association says, the prevalence of women who want to be more men than men who want to be a woman. One of the 10,000 men want to be a woman, while one of 30,000 women wanted to be a man

“The data that was a long time. Maybe now the trend is almost the same, even more men who want to be a woman. In fact, transgender population increased and developed,” said Michael Hendricks, a gender specialist psychologist.

Sherman Leis, surgeons who perform surgery on Ramsey said that the advances in surgery techniques and the acceptance of gay or lesbian is one reason that encourages seseorag to trangender surgery.

Leis are open practice at the Center for Transgender Surgery since the year 204, had surgery for 250 people, either male or female, who wants to change her genitals. And none of the patients who regret the operation. “They’re just waiting for the surgery for a very long time and have carefully considered. In fact, they appeared happier after the surgery,” said Leis.

Ramsey is already aware of her difference from the age of 5 years. Since then until the teenager, he was often playing with dolls, likes to cook, sew, do not like football, embarrassed by her body is not muscular, and slept with her mother’s underwear.

Finally in 1952 he decided to join the U.S. Navy and military thought can turn it into a real man. But no, he was even nicknamed ‘little girl’ by her friends. Fortunately, 2 years later, he managed to convince a woman to marry him. They have 4 children and his sex life was fine. But then he divorced his wife and moved to Arizona.

Though still unsure of their gender, but Ramsey was married again to a woman in 1982. Ramsey never told his wife that he was a transgender. “But he began to wonder why a lot of lingerie in the laundry. And finally I confess that I also use it,” said Ramsey.

“We have a sex life smoothly. Berhubungang But each sex, I always imagined what it would be in a position like my wife,” he added. Ramsey produce 1 child from second marriage, but until now his son does not know that he is transgender.

Although already turned into a woman, but Ramsey did not lose his friends. “At home, I dressed like a woman. But if it was gathered or go with friends, sometimes I use a men’s clothing,” says Ramsey.

No one knows for sure what causes transgender, but that certainly is not a condition of mental illness and has nothing to do with a psychiatrist.

“There’s a slightly different course with his brain. It could also factor genes and hormones are not balanced at the time of pregnancy,” said Norman P Spack, a pediatric endocrinologist from Children’s Hospital Boston.

MOSCOW – Russia Ulema Council declared Quranic verses written on the body of a baby Ali Yakubov is a warning to all Muslims of Russia and Dagestan.

“We interpret the sign as a warning to all Muslims of Russia and Dagestan, which they must turn to the teachings of the religion of God, repent of their sins, and leave the strife, conflict, and confrontation or kill each other which shook the ground today and the whole Caucasus Dagestan , “call the agency statement, quoted by Russian news agency Interfax on Wednesday (21/10/2009).

According to religious institutions that, if these things are met, then the Muslims will get the grace of God and the community can build a truly peaceful and prosperous.

As reported earlier, writing in Arabic letters that appear in the body of nine-month-old baby, a few days after her birth. The article appeared in the back, arms, legs, and stomach Ali. Writings that appeared between the other reads, “God is who created all this.”

The baby’s mother, Madina Yakubova, said the writing appeared on Monday and Friday. “Ali’s body temperature becomes very high and she was crying. Writing is gradually lost after three days, and then appeared again,” Madina.

Ali’s parents did not tell it to anyone until they saw the writing that says, “Show me the signs to the people”. Madina said, Ali was the second child. It never appeared on her daughter who is a brother Ali.

Responding to that, the medical community certainly do not believe it. Ludmila Luss, a local doctor, convinced that the story was written by Ali’s parents.

“They may give the skin irritation in Ali, as with pepper and salt, or drugs, which trigger inflammation of the skin and leaves red marks in the form of Arabic letters,” he said

et cetera