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{Desember 31, 2009}   New Moon Best Film, Transformers Worst

LOS ANGELES-Movie Twilight sequel ‘New Moon’ didaulat as the best film of 2009 in the poll held a movie site. As for the movie ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ didapuk as the worst movie.

In a poll conducted moviefone, New Moon got 41 percent of the vote, followed by 14 percent Avatar, The Hangover 13 percent, 11 percent of Star Trek, up 9 percent, 9 percent of Inglourious Basterds, and Up in the Air 2 percent, Thursday (31/12 / 2009).

While the worst films this year won the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with 24 percent of voters. The second position ditempari Land of the Lost 23 percent of the vote, 21 per cent of Year One, Old Dogs 12 percent.

Bride Wars followed with 11 percent of the vote, followed the next position with Couples Retreat with 6 percent of the vote.

Uniquely, although getting the most votes in the worst movie this year, 2009. But, the poll participants still favor film starring a beautiful actress Megan Fox as the best action film in 2009.

Transformers 24 percent of voters selected as the best action film, Avatar 23 respondents selected in second place. Star Trek 22 percent, got 13 percent in 2012, District 9 to get 11 percent of the vote, and Watchmen a 5 per cent. (uky)


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