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{November 1, 2009}   Qur’anic verses in Ali Yakubov’s body is a Message

MOSCOW – Russia Ulema Council declared Quranic verses written on the body of a baby Ali Yakubov is a warning to all Muslims of Russia and Dagestan.

“We interpret the sign as a warning to all Muslims of Russia and Dagestan, which they must turn to the teachings of the religion of God, repent of their sins, and leave the strife, conflict, and confrontation or kill each other which shook the ground today and the whole Caucasus Dagestan , “call the agency statement, quoted by Russian news agency Interfax on Wednesday (21/10/2009).

According to religious institutions that, if these things are met, then the Muslims will get the grace of God and the community can build a truly peaceful and prosperous.

As reported earlier, writing in Arabic letters that appear in the body of nine-month-old baby, a few days after her birth. The article appeared in the back, arms, legs, and stomach Ali. Writings that appeared between the other reads, “God is who created all this.”

The baby’s mother, Madina Yakubova, said the writing appeared on Monday and Friday. “Ali’s body temperature becomes very high and she was crying. Writing is gradually lost after three days, and then appeared again,” Madina.

Ali’s parents did not tell it to anyone until they saw the writing that says, “Show me the signs to the people”. Madina said, Ali was the second child. It never appeared on her daughter who is a brother Ali.

Responding to that, the medical community certainly do not believe it. Ludmila Luss, a local doctor, convinced that the story was written by Ali’s parents.

“They may give the skin irritation in Ali, as with pepper and salt, or drugs, which trigger inflammation of the skin and leaves red marks in the form of Arabic letters,” he said


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